Cambria College



Vancouver Community College

Upon completion of Hospitality Management Diploma at Cambria College, you may apply to VCC’s Hospitality Management Diploma to complete the Bridge Term courses pending (total of 11), which may be delivered in 1-2 terms (depending on seat availability) – as per VCC-Cambria College agreement. Program seats are not guaranteed. Please find a list of courses to be taken/completed at VCC:
Students will then be eligible to enter Semester 5 (BHM) Bachelor of Hospitality Management Degree program at Vancouver Community College (by also meeting overall minimum GPA and English proficiency requirement). You may refer to follow the application steps below, once you complete the Hospitality Management Diploma at Cambria College:

1. Apply To VCC’s HOSP Diploma (Bridge Term(S)):

Admissions Requirements:

2. Study At VCC’s HOSP Diploma Courses (Total Of 11, Listed Previously) ,Earn VCC Diploma

3. Apply To VCC’s HOSD Degree (2-Years Length, One Intake A Year, Every Fall Term)

Admissions Requirements: